“The Agents of Fear” – A Creepypasta Narration

I’m not afraid of anything. But you should be.

Hey, I’m getting serious about this whole YouTube thing now! Thus, welcome to the first in my series of story narrations. Emboldened by an evening thunderstorm, I took a shot at adapting my creepypastaThe Agents of Fear.”


This is my first time doing one of these videos (with little free time and a $0 budget), so I hope it turned out alright! Apologies for no cool illustrations/effects this time around–I’ll figure those out in the future.
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**Love&Darkness: Vol. I ebook is E-HERE!**

If your eyes hurt, it's working!

If your eyes hurt, it’s working!

Yes, you read that right! Hot on the heels of its print release (and by “hot,” I mean with a two-month delay exacerbated by formatting issues and college life), Love&Darkness: Vol. I is now available for a rock-bottom price exclusively on the Amazon Kindle store! So hop off Wikipedia, grab your infinite thumb drive, and pick up a copy for just $2.99 USD–or if you’re a Prime member, give that free borrow a spin. It’s also available for comparable prices in the UK, Canada, France, Japan, India, and elsewhere across the globe!

(NOTE: A few issues are still being worked out. The text should be formatted fine–though font size 2 is recommended for the proper lineation of poems to appear–but the cover is really washed-out for some reason. Owners of black-and-white e-readers will not notice the difference once the book is on their device, however)


Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report that in just a little bit as of this writing, Distortions: A Collection of Short Stories will be back up on its respective Kindle store page with its own fair price reduction alongside L&D:v1. (We’re not in Finiti here, after all)

…Oh, and should go without saying that you should totally tell your friends and relatives about both of these astonishing developments (particularly the first one), then have them pass the information along in turn! Here’s another ad in case you don’t want to check out the last link:

LaD Flier

CAPITAL LETTERS: Shop is now live! + YouTube Stuff

The Notes & Sketches online shop is back online with Love&Darkness: Vol. I officially available alongside Distortions! With the advice, advisory, and mere intellectual presence of Stuart, the issue with the store shop was readily vanquished. For those of you running your own WordPress blogs/stores, know that you must encode the sales button image with an email code, not “website” one. However, the email option doesn’t show up unless you abstain from the merchandising frill “Add a text field” for the buyer, which is… odd. But in any case, it’s taken care of!

So hop on over to check it out, or see the dedicated L&D:v1 page for special previews of the choicest stories. Oh, and tell your friends! Tell your enemies, even! Retweet, Re-Facebook, send a smoke signal! Make cryptic remarks about its quality on a Post-It and drop it on a busy street! I don’t pay for publicity (yet), so word of mouth (er, keyboard?) is all I’ve got.

Oh, and I should mention I’ve got a YouTube channel now. It’s just glitch videos from Darksiders 2 at this point, but something more fruitful will come up soon, albeit possibly on a separate, dedicated channel. Please subscribe and share!

Write Away, Write Here: 1/9/2013 (+MILDLY REMARKABLE L&D UPDATES!)

Whoo, let’s hear it for 2013! Sorry about the delay in proper blog updates, but a combination of offline Christmas merriment and the resurgence of my shrewd nemesis Col-Lege The Educator has slowed my flow of post-worthy activities. However, while the continuing struggle for Love&Darkness: Vol. I‘s full release hinges on when Stuart Marlantes gets some free time and/or I bite the bullet and learn how to use an e-book formatting program, I’m pleased to follow up on a few previous Tweets by reporting that–aside from my apartment and this little hidden pocket in my messenger bag–the book is currently available at the following locations:

Book & Brush – Chehalis, WA
The Aerie Ballroom and Events Facility – Centralia, WA

…Okay, so that’s not much, but it’s a start! Also, availability of copies at the UW Bookstore in Seattle is still pending. If you’re around “The Ave,” Go in and ask for Love&Darkness: Vol. I by Trevor White to see if we can drum up some support!

Anyway, with a return to the University of Washington comes a return to “Write Away!”, and while I was feeling both rushed and rusted in spontenaeity that night, I still managed to produce a prose poem based on a prompt the group leader got off of Reddit: pick a verb, then write about being unable to perform said action “after the acccident.” Twenty minutes later, an only marginally rougher version of the following appeared on my notebook paper:

Limited Mobility [based on the verb “Accelerate”]

The accident was terrific, in the old-fashioned sense
of powder keg explosions and whip-crack lightning,
but slower and so much sadder.

One day, mid-day,
the car was pulling into the parking lot
of Arby’s, and in angling my boot
beneath the brake to rake out an old wrapper
from Subway, my foot got stuck.

My hair got all electrified,
and the steering wheel sweaty.
The yellow brick road bump backing the handicapped spot
was my best bet, before I lost control.

Unstick, foot,
I thrashed gently, kicked lightly, fighting,
until the boot removed itself right
into the side of the gas pedal,
and this being my latest cheap-ass sedan,
the pedal cracked off like a twig
on a black-padded assembly line limb.

I halted to a stop—that handicapped spot—
and dropped out of the car.
Let them check it.
I’ll tell ’em I got limited mobility,
and can’t move since the accident.

Love&Darkness Has Arrived!

December 21, 2012: Just in time for an entirely different apocalyptic scenario to start sounding “quite possible” in the minds of the lesser populace, Love&Darkness: Vol. I is released!

Love&Darkness Cover

…That is, it would be, but there’s been some ridiculous stumbles: an odd glitch is preventing the PayPal purchase buttons from showing up on the new “SHOP” page (the “Buy Distortions” page is now simply “Distortions,” with detailed information on the book), while I’ve forgotten after two years or so how agonizing inane the formatting process is for ebooks, no matter the method.

It embarasses me in no small amount to sit here on a preordained release date with no way to safely or coherently distribute the book either physically or digitally, but I promise that I’ll get this thing taken care of as quickly as I can! In the meantime, check out the new Facebook Page for Love&Darkness: Vol. I, and don’t forget to re-tweet, Like, put up a belated review for Distortions on Amazon–heck, even do something on Pintrest–first chance you get!

Trevor’s IMPORTANT END OF DAYS REPORT / Love&Darkness Crowdsource Publicity Request

Good evening, all! I know it’s been a while since an update around these parts, but I just wanted to take this time to formally wish you a holly, jolly end of days, inasmuch as courting the farcical notion of an imminent world-changing event behooves my status as a burgeoning science fiction writer.

But that’s not all! In lieu of a timely apocalypse-themed story, I have abrupt but excellent news: barring the unforeseen, Love&Darkness: Vol. I will be released on December 21st, 2012.

Now, unfortunately, given the relative proximity of the printing company to my Seattle residence–and the fact I’ll be heading home for Christmas the succeeding Saturday–there’s a good chance those of you wishing to obtain it for the in-person price of $10.00 (rather low, if I do say so myself, given production costs) will be out of luck for the season. But, the digital version will be uploaded with all haste simultaneously on the Amazon and Nook e-stores as well, and $14.00 copies (extra for S&H) will of course find their way into the site shop (along with other merchandise to follow… stay the online equivalent of “tuned”!).

Of course, there will be no small amount of personally-disseminated fanfare for this long-awaited release (in some circles, at least. It’s a niche thing), but this is the 21st century–I can’t do it alone! So if you know how to efficiently share a link, can spare some printer ink and a city telephone pole, or even just want to get a good hi-def look at what the collection will be like, see the below promotionals:

Standard “around town” print-out

LaD Flier


Slightly edgier/mysterious one; tailored to the release date now, but I can modify it later.

LaDv1 Poster

And this one’s ideally on sticker paper

Love&Darkness Sticker

Also, I’ve got this sheet of old promo cards I sent out with some later-release copies of Distortions, but I can’t get the file to convert into a jpeg. I think I uploaded it at one point around here, though…

In any case, I’m looking forward to finally allowing myself a vacation from all this writing, editing, and formatting, but more importantly, getting these two years worth of stories, poems, and all the tumultuous emotions/overall “cool ideas” they entail released for your enjoyment. I feel like I’ve learned a lot during this process, about the craft and the industry alike, and hope that what I’ve produced can shine even brighter than its predecessor as a result. So please, retweet, re-Facebook, “Like” or “Share” or “Love” or “Propose Marriage To”! I can make it worth your while.*


*While is not legally guaranteed to actually be made worth it. That just seemed like a good way to cap the request.

Of AU, Full Drafts, and Promotion(!)

Hey, three things, each of which is immediately pertinent to the next:

First, my newest story, “In Finiti,” has recently been accepted for publication in the seventh issue (“Homeland”) of the UW’s spec-fiction literary journal AU! What with the editor team overhaul this year, I was worried my style might not strike a chord with the new management, but it seems those concerns were unfounded. A little editing, and it’ll be set to hit print within a month!

Also, since an expanded cut of “In Finiti” will be included in Love&Darkness as well, that means–yes, you guessed it (you did guess it, right? I know I didn’t give out very many hints)! The rough draft of L&D is finally… er, finalized, meaning that after some finishing-up on the foreward and “inspirations” section, I’ll be giving a compiled document of its full contents to trusted friends and relatives to run over for formatting, grammatical, and/or egregious plot-based discrepancies before the initial printing run. Meanwhile, it’s time to move on to something just as vital: promotion and marketing! I’ll be working on some new and improved posters, stickers, and pocket fliers to put up around Seattle soon, along with their respective high-res images on the site so you can do the same (if, y’know… you want to).

And on a final note, in the interest of raising marginal awareness for Distortions as well, I hereby announce what is in absolutely no way whatsoever an effort to boost confidence in the imaginative power of my own work by announcing the unofficial Notes and Sketches fan art contest! From now until December 1st, send in or link to a picture of something you drew, built, or otherwise personally manufactured based on something from Distortions, AU, this site, or anywhere else my stuff has shown up (I think I wrote a limerick on the back of a handicapped bathroom door at Disney World once, but it’s probably gone by now), and based on largely arbitrary standards, I’ll give whoever makes the coolest one a free copy of both Distortions and Love&Darkness! (when it comes out, I will send it to you. You won’t even have to pay for shipping!) The runner-up will just get a free L&D, but since you probably already have Distortions, that’s not a bad deal either!

Love&Darkness: Vol. I – “Setlist”

Here’s where the layout of pieces for Love&Darkness: Vol. I stands as of now:

1) Warning

2) All of My Ex-Girlfriends Are Monsters

3) [Citation Not Needed]

4) The Aftermath Villanelle

5) Were

6) Fear Itself

7) Ctrl+C

8) Totally Epic

9) Distribution Methods

10) My Quest

11) “One Thousand Ways”; or, “Reinvented”

12) The Agents of Fear

13) But Crazier Things Have Happened

14) Hi!

15) Fyrewrit

16) Keep Reading

17) How Does it Feel?

Love&Darkness… Volume One

Yes, you read correctly! While America was celebrating its Independence (yester)Day, I had a profound liberation of my own: the revelation to divide Love&Darkness into two volumes. The choice was made as much for myself as for… well, everyone else: not only has the brutal (but very rewarding) endeavor that is college been swamping my time for writing over the last year, but since my number one priority is to entertain you, the readers, I’m doing Distortions fans and any potential newcomers a disservice by hoarding a dozen pieces just because I haven’t finished five or six more. And this is the 21st century, right? The elephant-in-the-room that is the instability of Print aside, who doesn’t love getting small amounts of something more frequently instead of having your anticipation hinge on one release some time in the misty future? After all, dividing up publications has been common for centuries, even.

But I don’t want it to sound like I’m rationalizing anything, for these will still be no “small” books. Love&Darkness: Vol. I (subtitle pending) will contain around thirteen pieces, as will Love&Darkness: Vol. II. While the release for the latter is pending as early 2013, if all goes well on this side of the equation (what with editing and printing and such), you’ll be able to give Love&Darkness: Vol. I as a gift for Christmas for sure.

LaD Hits the Streets

First off, I’ve added an info tab for Love&Darkness that you can check out right next to “Buy Distortions” up top there. Part of the reason for this, though, is because of a new ad campaign I’m hoping to roll out for the book (which explains the comparatively detached tone and hopefully-not-too-pretentious promotional blurb): a poster which you can download below.

Each poster will have, in the blank space, a different image or story snippet (real or fictitious) related in some way to the nexus between love and darkness , to draw attention to itself, this site, and the book, but also hopefully the implications of these concepts in our real lives. The QR code “answers” for each direct to different pages, which link back to the LaD info page mentioned above. The bottom strips will, of course, be cut and readily removable for the non-smartphone-using set.

I’ll be putting these up around the U District in Seattle when I get a chance, but in the meantime (and thereafter) — if you don’t mind the ink and paper costs — help a guy out and stick some around your hometown, or wherever! If you haven’t already, read the pieces on the site so far, as well as the info page, and figure out what love and darkness mean to you. Then, put something in that box and stick it up for all to see. You may be surprised by how the one can be seen as the other…

Love&Darkness Poster Template

(This is meant to be 8.5 x 11, but I’ve been having some trouble getting that equalized across all forms of the image so far. If it’s too tiny, I’ll fix it soon)