“The Cookbook’s Anarchist” (+Strange Street Men Are Interested in L&D)

Hot on the heels of the last fruit of my labor from English 483 with Linda Bierds (“Girls and Women,” which has already been called “great,” “wonderful,” “controversial,” and “misogynistic”) comes this little political nugget. The prompt (these are decided on by alternating groups of students, for the record): produce an “emblematic poem,” in which an observation on the physical nature of a subject segues into deeper rumination. Loosely based on an actual anarchist publication I saw hanging around at the UW, my only hope is that I don’t expose how little I honestly know about world government while attempting to do the same to others.

The Cookbook’s Anarchist


Also, my brother Kyle tells me that, the other evening, a scruffy, possibly unstable man wandered into our apartment lobby and–after some consideration–enthusiastically picked up one of my fliers for Love&Darkness before exiting as questionably legally as came.

Could this be just the teen fiction anthology that Seattle’s underground homeless network needs?

LaD Flier

Girls and Women (and Underground Cafés and Sales Figures)

This last Thursday, I had the pleasure of both implicitly hosting and taking part in an open mic night at the University of Washington! That is, the event was put on by the Bricolage Literary Arts Journal (of which I am Treasurer), though there was some carry-over in attendance from the first general meeting for Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society (also Treasurer of that) an hour prior. The event was hosted in the subterranean Parnassus Café of the Art building, a dimly lit but warmly inviting place for poets and musicians of all stripes.

The turnout? Excellent! Granted, the room has a capacity cap of about seventy, but anybody in the Seattle area who’s interested can also check out further open mics sponsored by Manic Mouth Congress every other Thursday, 7-9pm, starting January 24.

The evening’s material was full of superbly-written, well-delivered pieces, running the gamut from a spoken-word feminist declaration to an acoustic song about a Yeti. When it was my shot at the spotlight, I cleared my throat, rose the microphone stand considerably, and read a pair of poems: Christmastime, from Love&Darkness: Vol. I, and the following poem, one based on couplets that I recently wrote for my current poetry class (English 483 with Linda Bierds, which is going excellently so far):

Girls and Women


On a slightly related note, I would like to personally thank electronic musician, fellow blogger, and guy from Michigan Truttle for laying down his digital dollar for the first official online purchase of Love&Darkness: Vol. I! If you’re on your way to PayPal checkout for your own copy, don’t forget to stop by his Bandcamp page to pick up some sweet ambient tunes.

CAPITAL LETTERS: Shop is now live! + YouTube Stuff

The Notes & Sketches online shop is back online with Love&Darkness: Vol. I officially available alongside Distortions! With the advice, advisory, and mere intellectual presence of Stuart, the issue with the store shop was readily vanquished. For those of you running your own WordPress blogs/stores, know that you must encode the sales button image with an email code, not “website” one. However, the email option doesn’t show up unless you abstain from the merchandising frill “Add a text field” for the buyer, which is… odd. But in any case, it’s taken care of!

So hop on over to check it out, or see the dedicated L&D:v1 page for special previews of the choicest stories. Oh, and tell your friends! Tell your enemies, even! Retweet, Re-Facebook, send a smoke signal! Make cryptic remarks about its quality on a Post-It and drop it on a busy street! I don’t pay for publicity (yet), so word of mouth (er, keyboard?) is all I’ve got.

Oh, and I should mention I’ve got a YouTube channel now. It’s just glitch videos from Darksiders 2 at this point, but something more fruitful will come up soon, albeit possibly on a separate, dedicated channel. Please subscribe and share!

AU Around the Bend!

Well, it’s that time of quarter/year again! The snow had better be coming soon… but in the meantime, the seventh issue of the University of Washington’s preeminent speculative fiction journal AU, themed “Homeland,” is raring to be released this Thursday. For those in or adjacent to the UW campus, stop by Smith 115 on December 6th from 6-8pm and partake in not only a variety of delectable comestibles (read: popcorn and probably some animal cookies), but readings of prose and poetry from Seattle’s student sci-fi fantasy finest! I’ll be delivering a sample of my newest story, “In Finiti.” Some manner of interactive game will also be put on, to test your knowledge of renowned “homeland” stories past… in any case, don’t forget that issues will be available later at Bulldog News on the Ave, or in the basement of Padelford Hall!

Meanwhile, Love&Darkness is oh-so close to undergoing the printing process. Some pretty pennies had to be parted with to get this longer, snazzier volume out the door, but once these formatting snafus get dealt with, its time shall come!

Of AU, Full Drafts, and Promotion(!)

Hey, three things, each of which is immediately pertinent to the next:

First, my newest story, “In Finiti,” has recently been accepted for publication in the seventh issue (“Homeland”) of the UW’s spec-fiction literary journal AU! What with the editor team overhaul this year, I was worried my style might not strike a chord with the new management, but it seems those concerns were unfounded. A little editing, and it’ll be set to hit print within a month!

Also, since an expanded cut of “In Finiti” will be included in Love&Darkness as well, that means–yes, you guessed it (you did guess it, right? I know I didn’t give out very many hints)! The rough draft of L&D is finally… er, finalized, meaning that after some finishing-up on the foreward and “inspirations” section, I’ll be giving a compiled document of its full contents to trusted friends and relatives to run over for formatting, grammatical, and/or egregious plot-based discrepancies before the initial printing run. Meanwhile, it’s time to move on to something just as vital: promotion and marketing! I’ll be working on some new and improved posters, stickers, and pocket fliers to put up around Seattle soon, along with their respective high-res images on the site so you can do the same (if, y’know… you want to).

And on a final note, in the interest of raising marginal awareness for Distortions as well, I hereby announce what is in absolutely no way whatsoever an effort to boost confidence in the imaginative power of my own work by announcing the unofficial Notes and Sketches fan art contest! From now until December 1st, send in or link to a picture of something you drew, built, or otherwise personally manufactured based on something from Distortions, AU, this site, or anywhere else my stuff has shown up (I think I wrote a limerick on the back of a handicapped bathroom door at Disney World once, but it’s probably gone by now), and based on largely arbitrary standards, I’ll give whoever makes the coolest one a free copy of both Distortions and Love&Darkness! (when it comes out, I will send it to you. You won’t even have to pay for shipping!) The runner-up will just get a free L&D, but since you probably already have Distortions, that’s not a bad deal either!

Love&Darkness: Vol. I – “Setlist”

Here’s where the layout of pieces for Love&Darkness: Vol. I stands as of now:

1) Warning

2) All of My Ex-Girlfriends Are Monsters

3) [Citation Not Needed]

4) The Aftermath Villanelle

5) Were

6) Fear Itself

7) Ctrl+C

8) Totally Epic

9) Distribution Methods

10) My Quest

11) “One Thousand Ways”; or, “Reinvented”

12) The Agents of Fear

13) But Crazier Things Have Happened

14) Hi!

15) Fyrewrit

16) Keep Reading

17) How Does it Feel?

Love&Darkness… Volume One

Yes, you read correctly! While America was celebrating its Independence (yester)Day, I had a profound liberation of my own: the revelation to divide Love&Darkness into two volumes. The choice was made as much for myself as for… well, everyone else: not only has the brutal (but very rewarding) endeavor that is college been swamping my time for writing over the last year, but since my number one priority is to entertain you, the readers, I’m doing Distortions fans and any potential newcomers a disservice by hoarding a dozen pieces just because I haven’t finished five or six more. And this is the 21st century, right? The elephant-in-the-room that is the instability of Print aside, who doesn’t love getting small amounts of something more frequently instead of having your anticipation hinge on one release some time in the misty future? After all, dividing up publications has been common for centuries, even.

But I don’t want it to sound like I’m rationalizing anything, for these will still be no “small” books. Love&Darkness: Vol. I (subtitle pending) will contain around thirteen pieces, as will Love&Darkness: Vol. II. While the release for the latter is pending as early 2013, if all goes well on this side of the equation (what with editing and printing and such), you’ll be able to give Love&Darkness: Vol. I as a gift for Christmas for sure.

Trying Somethin’ New

Owing to the relatively small size of my previous “first draft” ad, I’ve created this full-scale one I’ll be trying out over the next few days. Not that I’m not proud of what I came up with before, but for the sake of people just knowing who I am, something a little more eye-catching and less ink-consuming seems ideal. By all means, print ’em out and stick ’em up wherever you are–remember, I’m trying to do this for a living!

(it should be 8.5 x 11, but that’s no guarantee with file conversion being what it is)

Spreading the Word

So I’m about a week and-a-half into my residence in the… interesting city of Seattle. It’s liberating (well, liberal, at least), but I’m rapidly missing a lot of things I used to take for granted back at the old homestead. Still, there’s one undeniable bright side: With this shift from small-town living comes a much broader set of opportunities to get the word out about my writing!

To that end, I’ve come up with a promotional “card” of sorts for Love&Darkness,  which you can view below… (lo-fi version–sorry, but the original wouldn’t upload)


What’ll I do with it? Well, to be honest, I’m still working on that. Aesthetically, I couldn’t really fit my website and Twitter page (yes, I have one now! @TrevorNWhite) on the front, so the first set of four I made as a test run have them written on the back in pen–so that kind of suggests a lean towards passing them out. Then again, every light post and utility pole on my block is plastered in utterly obtuse stickers, so I suppose vague marketing is fine as well. Besides, I don’t want to end up like the half-a-dozen people I try to avoid making eye contact with on the street, selling trial offers of this or begging for that. In any case, there’s a variety of writing-related clubs, literary journals, and art houses with scheduled readings in the neighborhood, so I’ll be employing those as best I can.

The LD on L&D

Happy September, all! As is generally the case, I’m in no mood for a graceful opening segue, so I’ll just cut to the chase: It occurred to me a little while ago that while I may have mentioned it in passing, I haven’t actually given out much information about my next book, and that would be as good a way as any to pad out this blog between now and its eventual release.

So, let’s start with the name: It’s going to be called Love&Darkness (stylized as one word), and it’s another short story collection. The name alludes to the fact that, while there are still the lighthearted and “Twilight Zone-y” tales you saw in Distortions, a disproportionate amount will concern courtship, romance, and the brokenhearted. Additionally, though there’ll be at least as many “actual” stories as in its successor, about half of the book will be composed of poetry, with both elements deliberately arranged in thematic patterns. Right now, it’s about half-finished—I won’t say exactly how many pieces will be in it, because even though I have a precise number in mind, it might fluctuate later. I’ll say this, though: It’ll be at least twice as long as Distortions, and include reprints of all the stories posted on this site, plus most of the poems. A few weeks ago, I finished my most recent story “Were” (as in “werewolf”), and I’m currently at work on the next one, “Hi!”

Unfortunately, my attempt to quicken my writing schedule by establishing goals has had little to no effect, as I’ve thrice missed a self-imposed deadline. But since I’m a firm believer that if you don’t have a good reason to procrastinate, you might as well thoroughly explain your bad one, I’ll tell you a couple of the factors behind why I’m dragging my feet this time:


  1. I bought a used copy of Uncharted at PAX, and since my PS3’s (basically new) hard drive got corrupted again a few days ago, I feel a fair sense of urgency to complete it. However, things aren’t going too well so far, as it’s proven to be considerably more difficult than the sequel (or at least more repetitive) which does it no favors as a “cinematic” game. In fact, scratch the niceties—it’s demonstrably worse just for the insane difficulty of what I assume/hope is the final level, so the distraction it presents probably won’t go away, so much as be replaced by me (re)playing Fallout 3.
  2. While the mysterious nausea I so grieved about in a previous post has been considerably quelled by regular medication (although I still feel a more pronounced hunger during the night and morning than I remember from the first nineteen years of my life), a new foe has approached: Perpetual headaches! For the last week or two, I’ve been battling a pain that is irritating at best and a facsimile of Harry Potter eating ice cream too fast when he runs into Voldemort at worst. Since it sticks mostly to the area square above and around the nose, severe upper nasal congestion is the likeliest candidate, although allergies and summer-related dehydration are potential constituents as well. My paranoia about physical health being what it is, the doctor’s appointment I partook of the other day did little to ease my mind, although I’m taking his advice and popping some generic allergy meds for another seven days to see what happens. I guess my point is, it’s hard to sit and think in front of a glowing screen when it feels like little elves are hitting your sinus cavity with toffee hammers.
  3. The internet. Always the internet. If my primary residence wasn’t in the middle of the woods, where the bills for hooking up a satellite connection might as well have an “infinity” symbol on them, I probably wouldn’t even be able to type my own name without alternating between Facebook and Wikipedia every twenty seconds.

…And that’s all I’ve got to say for now, really. I Photoshopped together an idea I have for the cover, which I’ll give to Mr. Duquette in the near future so he can work his magic with a canvas and/computer. I’ll be moving up to Seatttle in about a month for my first quarter at University of Washington—it certainly won’t get any easier to write up there, but I won’t rest until you can read Love&Darkness as it stands in my mind right now!