Love&Darkness Has Arrived!

December 21, 2012: Just in time for an entirely different apocalyptic scenario to start sounding “quite possible” in the minds of the lesser populace, Love&Darkness: Vol. I is released!

Love&Darkness Cover

…That is, it would be, but there’s been some ridiculous stumbles: an odd glitch is preventing the PayPal purchase buttons from showing up on the new “SHOP” page (the “Buy Distortions” page is now simply “Distortions,” with detailed information on the book), while I’ve forgotten after two years or so how agonizing inane the formatting process is for ebooks, no matter the method.

It embarasses me in no small amount to sit here on a preordained release date with no way to safely or coherently distribute the book either physically or digitally, but I promise that I’ll get this thing taken care of as quickly as I can! In the meantime, check out the new Facebook Page for Love&Darkness: Vol. I, and don’t forget to re-tweet, Like, put up a belated review for Distortions on Amazon–heck, even do something on Pintrest–first chance you get!

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