Love&Darkness Has Arrived!

December 21, 2012: Just in time for an entirely different apocalyptic scenario to start sounding “quite possible” in the minds of the lesser populace, Love&Darkness: Vol. I is released!

Love&Darkness Cover

…That is, it would be, but there’s been some ridiculous stumbles: an odd glitch is preventing the PayPal purchase buttons from showing up on the new “SHOP” page (the “Buy Distortions” page is now simply “Distortions,” with detailed information on the book), while I’ve forgotten after two years or so how agonizing inane the formatting process is for ebooks, no matter the method.

It embarasses me in no small amount to sit here on a preordained release date with no way to safely or coherently distribute the book either physically or digitally, but I promise that I’ll get this thing taken care of as quickly as I can! In the meantime, check out the new Facebook Page for Love&Darkness: Vol. I, and don’t forget to re-tweet, Like, put up a belated review for Distortions on Amazon–heck, even do something on Pintrest–first chance you get!

Trevor’s IMPORTANT END OF DAYS REPORT / Love&Darkness Crowdsource Publicity Request

Good evening, all! I know it’s been a while since an update around these parts, but I just wanted to take this time to formally wish you a holly, jolly end of days, inasmuch as courting the farcical notion of an imminent world-changing event behooves my status as a burgeoning science fiction writer.

But that’s not all! In lieu of a timely apocalypse-themed story, I have abrupt but excellent news: barring the unforeseen, Love&Darkness: Vol. I will be released on December 21st, 2012.

Now, unfortunately, given the relative proximity of the printing company to my Seattle residence–and the fact I’ll be heading home for Christmas the succeeding Saturday–there’s a good chance those of you wishing to obtain it for the in-person price of $10.00 (rather low, if I do say so myself, given production costs) will be out of luck for the season. But, the digital version will be uploaded with all haste simultaneously on the Amazon and Nook e-stores as well, and $14.00 copies (extra for S&H) will of course find their way into the site shop (along with other merchandise to follow… stay the online equivalent of “tuned”!).

Of course, there will be no small amount of personally-disseminated fanfare for this long-awaited release (in some circles, at least. It’s a niche thing), but this is the 21st century–I can’t do it alone! So if you know how to efficiently share a link, can spare some printer ink and a city telephone pole, or even just want to get a good hi-def look at what the collection will be like, see the below promotionals:

Standard “around town” print-out

LaD Flier


Slightly edgier/mysterious one; tailored to the release date now, but I can modify it later.

LaDv1 Poster

And this one’s ideally on sticker paper

Love&Darkness Sticker

Also, I’ve got this sheet of old promo cards I sent out with some later-release copies of Distortions, but I can’t get the file to convert into a jpeg. I think I uploaded it at one point around here, though…

In any case, I’m looking forward to finally allowing myself a vacation from all this writing, editing, and formatting, but more importantly, getting these two years worth of stories, poems, and all the tumultuous emotions/overall “cool ideas” they entail released for your enjoyment. I feel like I’ve learned a lot during this process, about the craft and the industry alike, and hope that what I’ve produced can shine even brighter than its predecessor as a result. So please, retweet, re-Facebook, “Like” or “Share” or “Love” or “Propose Marriage To”! I can make it worth your while.*


*While is not legally guaranteed to actually be made worth it. That just seemed like a good way to cap the request.

AU Around the Bend!

Well, it’s that time of quarter/year again! The snow had better be coming soon… but in the meantime, the seventh issue of the University of Washington’s preeminent speculative fiction journal AU, themed “Homeland,” is raring to be released this Thursday. For those in or adjacent to the UW campus, stop by Smith 115 on December 6th from 6-8pm and partake in not only a variety of delectable comestibles (read: popcorn and probably some animal cookies), but readings of prose and poetry from Seattle’s student sci-fi fantasy finest! I’ll be delivering a sample of my newest story, “In Finiti.” Some manner of interactive game will also be put on, to test your knowledge of renowned “homeland” stories past… in any case, don’t forget that issues will be available later at Bulldog News on the Ave, or in the basement of Padelford Hall!

Meanwhile, Love&Darkness is oh-so close to undergoing the printing process. Some pretty pennies had to be parted with to get this longer, snazzier volume out the door, but once these formatting snafus get dealt with, its time shall come!