LaD Hits the Streets

First off, I’ve added an info tab for Love&Darkness that you can check out right next to “Buy Distortions” up top there. Part of the reason for this, though, is because of a new ad campaign I’m hoping to roll out for the book (which explains the comparatively detached tone and hopefully-not-too-pretentious promotional blurb): a poster which you can download below.

Each poster will have, in the blank space, a different image or story snippet (real or fictitious) related in some way to the nexus between love and darkness , to draw attention to itself, this site, and the book, but also hopefully the implications of these concepts in our real lives. The QR code “answers” for each direct to different pages, which link back to the LaD info page mentioned above. The bottom strips will, of course, be cut and readily removable for the non-smartphone-using set.

I’ll be putting these up around the U District in Seattle when I get a chance, but in the meantime (and thereafter) — if you don’t mind the ink and paper costs — help a guy out and stick some around your hometown, or wherever! If you haven’t already, read the pieces on the site so far, as well as the info page, and figure out what love and darkness mean to you. Then, put something in that box and stick it up for all to see. You may be surprised by how the one can be seen as the other…

Love&Darkness Poster Template

(This is meant to be 8.5 x 11, but I’ve been having some trouble getting that equalized across all forms of the image so far. If it’s too tiny, I’ll fix it soon)

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