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Hey, it’s this pad!

Er, let me back up a bit. Someone told me about a site the other day that was “YouTube for writers”, and I was like, “well, shoot, I probably ought to check that out.” So I set up a rudimentary profile and added the remastered version of Totally Epic from Love&Darkness to get things going! It seems the site is geared toward chapter-by-chapter releases of novel(la)s people don’t mind putting out for free, so it remains to be seen how valuable the place will be for me as a writer. Still, I like the concept, and it’s all about spreading awareness at this point–and hey, might as well check it our yourself, whether you want to write as well or just have an interest in more indie fiction!

Of AU, Full Drafts, and Promotion(!)

Hey, three things, each of which is immediately pertinent to the next:

First, my newest story, “In Finiti,” has recently been accepted for publication in the seventh issue (“Homeland”) of the UW’s spec-fiction literary journal AU! What with the editor team overhaul this year, I was worried my style might not strike a chord with the new management, but it seems those concerns were unfounded. A little editing, and it’ll be set to hit print within a month!

Also, since an expanded cut of “In Finiti” will be included in Love&Darkness as well, that means–yes, you guessed it (you did guess it, right? I know I didn’t give out very many hints)! The rough draft of L&D is finally… er, finalized, meaning that after some finishing-up on the foreward and “inspirations” section, I’ll be giving a compiled document of its full contents to trusted friends and relatives to run over for formatting, grammatical, and/or egregious plot-based discrepancies before the initial printing run. Meanwhile, it’s time to move on to something just as vital: promotion and marketing! I’ll be working on some new and improved posters, stickers, and pocket fliers to put up around Seattle soon, along with their respective high-res images on the site so you can do the same (if, y’know… you want to).

And on a final note, in the interest of raising marginal awareness for Distortions as well, I hereby announce what is in absolutely no way whatsoever an effort to boost confidence in the imaginative power of my own work by announcing the unofficial Notes and Sketches fan art contest! From now until December 1st, send in or link to a picture of something you drew, built, or otherwise personally manufactured based on something from Distortions, AU, this site, or anywhere else my stuff has shown up (I think I wrote a limerick on the back of a handicapped bathroom door at Disney World once, but it’s probably gone by now), and based on largely arbitrary standards, I’ll give whoever makes the coolest one a free copy of both Distortions and Love&Darkness! (when it comes out, I will send it to you. You won’t even have to pay for shipping!) The runner-up will just get a free L&D, but since you probably already have Distortions, that’s not a bad deal either!