“The Agents of Fear” – A Creepypasta Narration

I’m not afraid of anything. But you should be.

Hey, I’m getting serious about this whole YouTube thing now! Thus, welcome to the first in my series of story narrations. Emboldened by an evening thunderstorm, I took a shot at adapting my creepypastaThe Agents of Fear.”


This is my first time doing one of these videos (with little free time and a $0 budget), so I hope it turned out alright! Apologies for no cool illustrations/effects this time around–I’ll figure those out in the future.
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Rumbl in the Tumbl (FOR THOSE UNAWARES)

I just Googled "Tumblr" and grabbed something that came up... I don't know, I got studying to do.

I just Googled “Tumblr” and grabbed something that came up… I don’t know, I got studying to do.

I have a Tumblr now! You’re probably already aware of this if you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend, but I thought I would just make a formal announcement for those who still favor my blog, or wondered whether I had anything interesting to say for the last half-month again. While WordPress has been convenient and enjoyable to share writing through in the past, I’m planning on slowly shifting to and/or redundantly posting my shorter poetry and prose on Tumblr as well, as the more openly social nature of the site will hopefully allow my work to reach a wider audience more quickly–as well as introduce me to amazing projects that others are hoping to publicize, too!

So just follow that link right down there. I promise I’ll go easy on the washed-out nature pictures and HBO gifs!


Let the Write-A-Thon Commence!

Somewhat literally, since my principal distraction right now is playing "The Last of Us."

Somewhat literally, since my principal distraction right now is playing “The Last of Us.”

I’m quite pleased to report that, after a few glitches involving an overeager spam filter, I am now an official participant in the the 2013 Clarion West Write-A-Thon! Occuring concurrently with the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop–Seattle’s 29-years-running summer collaborative for dedicated sci-fi/fantasy authors, overseen this time by such masters of the craft as Neil Gaiman, Samuel R. Delany, and Joe Hill–the Write-A-Thon gives authors who didn’t or couldn’t enroll the opportunity to still motivate themselves and promote their writing.

As I’m one of those folks (I’d claim it’s because admission was competitive and required a brief essay/writing submission, but I was honestly just overwhelmed with college stuff at the time and knew I’d be intermittently busy throughout summer anyway), I’m using this opportunity to officially get back into writing my first novel, There’s Something Wrong with the Neighbor’s Cat: A Hyper-Awesome Nick Smiths Adventure! (which the more dedicated among you may remember me announcing in this post). You can see my official Write-A-Thon profile–with a new summary of the book’s plot, as well as my financial and writerly goals for the project as a whole–right here. And oh, how about that? There’s a Paypal donation button… *coughcough*


#hyperawesome [Let’s make it catch on!]

Girls and Women (and Underground Cafés and Sales Figures)

This last Thursday, I had the pleasure of both implicitly hosting and taking part in an open mic night at the University of Washington! That is, the event was put on by the Bricolage Literary Arts Journal (of which I am Treasurer), though there was some carry-over in attendance from the first general meeting for Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society (also Treasurer of that) an hour prior. The event was hosted in the subterranean Parnassus Café of the Art building, a dimly lit but warmly inviting place for poets and musicians of all stripes.

The turnout? Excellent! Granted, the room has a capacity cap of about seventy, but anybody in the Seattle area who’s interested can also check out further open mics sponsored by Manic Mouth Congress every other Thursday, 7-9pm, starting January 24.

The evening’s material was full of superbly-written, well-delivered pieces, running the gamut from a spoken-word feminist declaration to an acoustic song about a Yeti. When it was my shot at the spotlight, I cleared my throat, rose the microphone stand considerably, and read a pair of poems: Christmastime, from Love&Darkness: Vol. I, and the following poem, one based on couplets that I recently wrote for my current poetry class (English 483 with Linda Bierds, which is going excellently so far):

Girls and Women


On a slightly related note, I would like to personally thank electronic musician, fellow blogger, and guy from Michigan Truttle for laying down his digital dollar for the first official online purchase of Love&Darkness: Vol. I! If you’re on your way to PayPal checkout for your own copy, don’t forget to stop by his Bandcamp page to pick up some sweet ambient tunes.

Trevor’s IMPORTANT END OF DAYS REPORT / Love&Darkness Crowdsource Publicity Request

Good evening, all! I know it’s been a while since an update around these parts, but I just wanted to take this time to formally wish you a holly, jolly end of days, inasmuch as courting the farcical notion of an imminent world-changing event behooves my status as a burgeoning science fiction writer.

But that’s not all! In lieu of a timely apocalypse-themed story, I have abrupt but excellent news: barring the unforeseen, Love&Darkness: Vol. I will be released on December 21st, 2012.

Now, unfortunately, given the relative proximity of the printing company to my Seattle residence–and the fact I’ll be heading home for Christmas the succeeding Saturday–there’s a good chance those of you wishing to obtain it for the in-person price of $10.00 (rather low, if I do say so myself, given production costs) will be out of luck for the season. But, the digital version will be uploaded with all haste simultaneously on the Amazon and Nook e-stores as well, and $14.00 copies (extra for S&H) will of course find their way into the site shop (along with other merchandise to follow… stay the online equivalent of “tuned”!).

Of course, there will be no small amount of personally-disseminated fanfare for this long-awaited release (in some circles, at least. It’s a niche thing), but this is the 21st century–I can’t do it alone! So if you know how to efficiently share a link, can spare some printer ink and a city telephone pole, or even just want to get a good hi-def look at what the collection will be like, see the below promotionals:

Standard “around town” print-out

LaD Flier


Slightly edgier/mysterious one; tailored to the release date now, but I can modify it later.

LaDv1 Poster

And this one’s ideally on sticker paper

Love&Darkness Sticker

Also, I’ve got this sheet of old promo cards I sent out with some later-release copies of Distortions, but I can’t get the file to convert into a jpeg. I think I uploaded it at one point around here, though…

In any case, I’m looking forward to finally allowing myself a vacation from all this writing, editing, and formatting, but more importantly, getting these two years worth of stories, poems, and all the tumultuous emotions/overall “cool ideas” they entail released for your enjoyment. I feel like I’ve learned a lot during this process, about the craft and the industry alike, and hope that what I’ve produced can shine even brighter than its predecessor as a result. So please, retweet, re-Facebook, “Like” or “Share” or “Love” or “Propose Marriage To”! I can make it worth your while.*


*While is not legally guaranteed to actually be made worth it. That just seemed like a good way to cap the request.

irevuo: the up-and-coming venue up-and-coming artists? Hopefully!


Hey, it’s this pad!


Er, let me back up a bit. Someone told me about a site the other day that was “YouTube for writers”, and I was like, “well, shoot, I probably ought to check that out.” So I set up a rudimentary profile and added the remastered version of Totally Epic from Love&Darkness to get things going! It seems the site is geared toward chapter-by-chapter releases of novel(la)s people don’t mind putting out for free, so it remains to be seen how valuable the place will be for me as a writer. Still, I like the concept, and it’s all about spreading awareness at this point–and hey, might as well check it our yourself, whether you want to write as well or just have an interest in more indie fiction!