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Praise for Distortions:

“So many great premises, which were well-executed . . . I didn’t find myself wanting to put it down when I had other things to get done.” ~ Wesley “Truttle” Hoyle, http://truttle.bandcamp.com

Three high-schoolers go in search of the real reason their town’s mall is closed at night…

A boy rents his own personal dimension, though the lease agreement is a little tricky…

An ordinary guy finds himself sharing his lunch break with a group of very peculiar girls…

These and more are stories of humor and horror, science and magic, action and calm. Above all, they are aberrations of the world you know. They are Distortions.

Distortions collects stories written by Trevor Neil White in high school, between 2006 and 2010. Though designed with a Young Adult audience in mind, Distortions is perfect reading for the young, old, and everyone else in-between–so long as you have a taste for the weird!

Contained within are eight stories:

1) The Mall

2) Down for the Count

3) Dimension for Rent

4) Power of the Day

5) How to Stop Time

6) People of the Paper

7) The Lunchtable of the Apocalypse

8) Abandoned

Distortions can be purchased through the Notes & Sketches Shop for $8.00 (+S&H) or as an e-book exclusively for Amazon Kindle for $2.99!



  1. […] Cat, and a collection of short stories, Distortions, the latter of which is available for purchase here! Currently anticipated is another collection of short stories and poems, titled Love and Darkness, […]

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I should let you know, though, that “There’s Something Wrong with the Neighbor’s Cat” has yet to be released, in favor of focusing on L&D (there’s a post from last year explaining this move to a degree). It’s just as well, I would figure, as my long-overdue enrollment in some traditional writing courses is helping me with the basics of critical story elements such as characterization and theme. Also, it’s just a first degree black belt — my parents have the second!

    And yes, the cartoons… well, I can’t afford much idle drawing anymore, but you’re right that tossing them up on the blog is a smashing idea. I don’t own a scanner at my apartment, but I’ll consider uploading some chief pieces in the near future…

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