CAPITAL LETTERS: Shop is now live! + YouTube Stuff

The Notes & Sketches online shop is back online with Love&Darkness: Vol. I officially available alongside Distortions! With the advice, advisory, and mere intellectual presence of Stuart, the issue with the store shop was readily vanquished. For those of you running your own WordPress blogs/stores, know that you must encode the sales button image with an email code, not “website” one. However, the email option doesn’t show up unless you abstain from the merchandising frill “Add a text field” for the buyer, which is… odd. But in any case, it’s taken care of!

So hop on over to check it out, or see the dedicated L&D:v1 page for special previews of the choicest stories. Oh, and tell your friends! Tell your enemies, even! Retweet, Re-Facebook, send a smoke signal! Make cryptic remarks about its quality on a Post-It and drop it on a busy street! I don’t pay for publicity (yet), so word of mouth (er, keyboard?) is all I’ve got.

Oh, and I should mention I’ve got a YouTube channel now. It’s just glitch videos from Darksiders 2 at this point, but something more fruitful will come up soon, albeit possibly on a separate, dedicated channel. Please subscribe and share!


So in other news, Distortions has a Facebook Page now! Go Like it, would you kindly?

1) This 2) That 3) The Other

It’s been… what, a month and a half? Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, some significant events are upcoming!

1) The next issue of UW’s “AU” journal — Volume VI, “Oneiros” (Dreams) — will be having its launch party at the UW Bookstore on May 24th at 6pm! I will… actually not be attending this time, unfortunately, because the induction ceremony for the Tau Sigma honor society got bumped forward an hour. Still, the compilation will be available for purchase from the usual locations thereafter (the English advising office in Padelford, Bulldog News on the Ave, and — in all likelihood — my grandmother), containing my poem “But Crazier Things Have Happened”, among other fine pieces.

2) Immediately after the above event (7pm), I’ll be at the Jacob Lawrence Art Gallery on campus for the debut party of another regular journal, “Bricolage”, for which my poem “Fyrewrit” was graciously accepted. It won’t have the fancy fonts that I pride my PDFs on, but I’ll be reading it aloud and… in the general vicinity of copies of the journal, I suppose.

3) On a tentative afternoon in early June, myself and a group of other burgeoning authors will descend on Chehalis, Washington for a book signing at Book & Brush. I will, of course, have my crate of Distortions in tow, as well as answers to whatever questions you may have about Love&Darkness, and anything else that preparing for gradute school is preventing me from writing. The particulars are underway, but there should be a formal update at or its papery predecessor within a week or two. So check it out!

Purchase Page Modifications

I just tweaked a few things on the purchase page–namely, that it wouldn’t hurt to actually say what’s in Distortions!

Speaking of which, the good friend of mine that set up the original page–Stuart Marlantes–has taken the plunge I dared not to and embarked on NaNoWriMo. You can check out his progress on this page… just don’t divert all of your attention away from here! (/egotism)

One More Place to Purchase…

As we speak (it’s just a phrase–go with it), Distortions is now under review as an eBook for purchase on’s Kindle store! That means you can read it on a variety of mobile devices–which I suppose has been the case with Barnes & Noble, but it seems like Amazon’s more popular, so I’m going with that as well now.


EDIT:  It’s here! Now I’ll need to add a specialized table of contents and whatnot fairly soon, but at least it’s out there in readable form.

Also, some mildly important news: The second shipment of Distortions has all but sold out! I’m set to work on getting Edition #3 done, with some minimal typo fixes and contact info updates, but nothing you’ll need to buy a second copy for (of course, if you want, I won’t complain…). The whole process could take about a month, so hang in there!

Status Update and Some Good News

Hey, all! And by all, I mean the two or three people who follow this blog. But that’s okay, everybody’s got to start somewhere, right? Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I haven’t given up the ink and keyboard just yet. Since my last post, I’ve been working on wrapping up my last quarter of college with 20 credits worth of classes, and it hasn’t been a schedule that’s allowed for much unbridled work-time when the rest of my life’s demands are taken into account. Fortunately, I’m graduating tomorrow, and it looks like I’ll be making it out with a 4.0 in at least two classes, so that’s killer.

However, there’s one other thing that’s been holding me back as of late: A combination chest-cold and gastrointestinal condition. While the former is unpleasant yet manageable, the latter is a mysterious affliction that’s been going on for almost two months, leaving me with consistent nausea and abdominal pain that ranges from “it feels like I have literal heartburn” to “it feels like whatever’s in front of me right now needs to transform into a toilet, or we’re going to have to waste a perfectly good towel around here” (I haven’t gotten sick–yet–which should calm me, but I have no idea if it’s getting worse or not). But I won’t bore and/or gross you out with any of my tinfoil hat theories about what’s wrong with me; the point is, I’ve been seeing doctors and getting tests as consistently as I can, and the consensus so far is that it’s at least not anything deadly or parasitic. I’ll just tough it out through whatever happens!

Still, I have gotten some things done. I’m juggling two new short stories right now (in addition to a finished one!), and I’ve also completed a couple of new poems that I’m pretty proud of. Being a member of the college writing club certainly helped, if only because we decided to do writing prompts every week–however, I had to pass up on penning an elaborate metafictional espionage version of Cinderella that I thought up, because my English 102 paper was due the coming Tuesday and I was only halfway done.

But I digress. Here’s the news: The Timberland Regional Library has three (3) copies of Distortions in their catalog as we speak! I mean, as I speak. Type. Whatever. Anyway, at last count, there’s two checked out from Centralia and Chehalis, and one available in Lacey, though that’s sure to change quickly. So if you live within TRL’s range (some part of Washington State) and can’t afford a copy of your own, or can but don’t feel like promoting my career, then go to and search for “Distortions” by Trevor White!

Things Are Looking Up… And By Up, I Mean The eBook!

That’s right! I’ve been working on getting Distortions available as a Barnes & Noble NookBook, and the day of e-publishing is finally upon us. Check it out. Copies are four bucks a pop, and though I can’t guarantee it’ll look as good as good as the print version, it’ll certainly get into your possession quicker. So buy it if you want, or buy it again if you already have it, but feel free to post a review either way!

Distortions Excerpts

As promised, here are some samples from each Distortion:

The Mall

“Hey, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again,” Nick insisted, “A monster lives in the downtown mall. Case closed.”

Down for the Count

I don’t know what I did to make them mad—the numbers, I mean.

Dimension for Rent

He walked up toward the large, dirty panes, where a sign was propped up from the inside in front of the curtains. It looked like thick, white cardboard, and on it was scrawled:


In red permanent marker and, beneath it,


Power of the Day

You see, I have just about every superpower there is. But, for one reason or another, I just can’t have them all at once.

How to Stop Time

He felt the irritation that had compounded throughout the day hit all at once. Balling his hands into fists at his sides, Shane stomped his foot, looked up at the sky, and screamed, “Why can’t I just stop time!?”

“Why not, indeed?” said a voice behind him, and Shane spun around so fast he almost twisted his ankle.

People of the Paper

Daniel extended his hand to rub away the drawing and there was the quick scratch of pencil-writing as the stick figure threw up its arms.

The Lunchtable of the Apocalypse

I shrank back as Warra banged a fist on the table. “Bomb ‘em all, I say!” she hollered explosively, “either you’re with us or you’re a stain on the ground!” Then, to drive the point home, she swiftly pulled a large knife from somewhere in her pockets and stabbed it into the table, hard enough for it to splinter the wood and stay upright. Breathing heavily, she resumed eating.


He looks to the massive windows that complement the double doors, hoping like a child on Christmas morning for a present, a reward for his hardiness and determination. Darkness shrouds the parking lot and a thick fog obscures all beyond it, but all he must do is look to the empty sky to know his purgatory must continue.

Distortions is here!

My first book, Distortions (a collection of short stories), is now available for purchase! It’s $8 in person and $11 via mail, at least within the contiguous United States.

The cover art is by Michael Duquette, a most excellent graphic artist.

Excerpts shall be up shortly.

EDIT: First shipment’s almost out! Next will be here in about two weeks.