It is The Season

See how menacing “’tis the season” sounds when you write it grammatically correct? Anyway, I was on the fence about writing something Christmas-y this month, but as is often the case, I finally got an idea! It’s “Christmastime”–a simple poem, but I hope it’ll contribute to your enjoyment of this wonderful time of year, if only more than Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” or a rerun of Jingle All the Way. Additionally, I’ve attached a free-verser from a year or so ago that I wrote in Intro to Creative Writing; this one’s called “Winter Day”, and while I’m not outstandingly proud of it, I think it’s worth sharing now. Have a happy and/or merry Christmas and/or other snow-related ethno-religious celebratory period!


Winter Day

AU is Gold!

Rather, it’s published–but I was going to lose sleep if I didn’t get a chemistry pun in somewhere. Anyway, the point: University of Washington’s burgeoning indie sci-fi/fantasy quarterly lit journal “AU” (enough adjectives?) officially released its fourth volume today, the final story of which is… by me! I could’ve sworn I mentioned this before, but I think it was just through the usual ephemeral social networking channels, so a brief reiteration: I submitted a new story in tune with the theme–“Invasion”–and it’s in there. It’s called Ctrl+C, and about all I can say is that it’ll make you really think next time you do a Google Image Search. By all means, if you or someone you know is a UW student, grab $3 and pick up a copy in the labyrinthine recesses of Padelford Hall, where the English counselors dwell! I’m sure there’s another avenue, though, if only I knew what it was.

Of course, there’s some other stories and poems in there which are quite good as well, which brings me to the more “bloggy” aspect of this post: The party itself! Okay, it wasn’t a massive deal or anything, but it broke up the usual Thursday night tedium. The snacks were great, and I got a chance to read a full story aloud for once–after a generous dose of metaphorical elephant tranquilizer, mind you (except when the frantic pace called for my usual “coffee talk”). The response was favorable, and the term “awesome” was used unprovoked to describe it by at least one member of the audience. Thereafter, we watched the famous “Hush” episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; for those unaware, this involves a bunch of monsters that look like a cross between Slenderman, Mr. Burns, and the Super Mario Bros. movie Goombas stealing everyone’s voices with the help of a posse of spastic asylum inmates so they can in turn steal peoples’ hearts and… actually, nothing’s clear beyond that. I can see why that show has/had a cult following, though–I’m not about to become latter-day “Whedonite” by any stretch of the imagination just yet, but the mix of camp and creepy was quite laudable.