**Love&Darkness: Vol. I ebook is E-HERE!**

If your eyes hurt, it's working!

If your eyes hurt, it’s working!

Yes, you read that right! Hot on the heels of its print release (and by “hot,” I mean with a two-month delay exacerbated by formatting issues and college life), Love&Darkness: Vol. I is now available for a rock-bottom price exclusively on the Amazon Kindle store! So hop off Wikipedia, grab your infinite thumb drive, and pick up a copy for just $2.99 USD–or if you’re a Prime member, give that free borrow a spin. It’s also available for comparable prices in the UK, Canada, France, Japan, India, and elsewhere across the globe!

(NOTE: A few issues are still being worked out. The text should be formatted fine–though font size 2 is recommended for the proper lineation of poems to appear–but the cover is really washed-out for some reason. Owners of black-and-white e-readers will not notice the difference once the book is on their device, however)


Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report that in just a little bit as of this writing, Distortions: A Collection of Short Stories will be back up on its respective Kindle store page with its own fair price reduction alongside L&D:v1. (We’re not in Finiti here, after all)

…Oh, and should go without saying that you should totally tell your friends and relatives about both of these astonishing developments (particularly the first one), then have them pass the information along in turn! Here’s another ad in case you don’t want to check out the last link:

LaD Flier

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