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Love&Darkness: Vol. I – “Setlist”

Here’s where the layout of pieces for Love&Darkness: Vol. I stands as of now:

1) Warning

2) All of My Ex-Girlfriends Are Monsters

3) [Citation Not Needed]

4) The Aftermath Villanelle

5) Were

6) Fear Itself

7) Ctrl+C

8) Totally Epic

9) Distribution Methods

10) My Quest

11) “One Thousand Ways”; or, “Reinvented”

12) The Agents of Fear

13) But Crazier Things Have Happened

14) Hi!

15) Fyrewrit

16) Keep Reading

17) How Does it Feel?

Love&Darkness… Volume One

Yes, you read correctly! While America was celebrating its Independence (yester)Day, I had a profound liberation of my own: the revelation to divide Love&Darkness into two volumes. The choice was made as much for myself as for… well, everyone else: not only has the brutal (but very rewarding) endeavor that is college been swamping my time for writing over the last year, but since my number one priority is to entertain you, the readers, I’m doing Distortions fans and any potential newcomers a disservice by hoarding a dozen pieces just because I haven’t finished five or six more. And this is the 21st century, right? The elephant-in-the-room that is the instability of Print aside, who doesn’t love getting small amounts of something more frequently instead of having your anticipation hinge on one release some time in the misty future? After all, dividing up publications has been common for centuries, even.

But I don’t want it to sound like I’m rationalizing anything, for these will still be no “small” books. Love&Darkness: Vol. I (subtitle pending) will contain around thirteen pieces, as will Love&Darkness: Vol. II. While the release for the latter is pending as early 2013, if all goes well on this side of the equation (what with editing and printing and such), you’ll be able to give Love&Darkness: Vol. I as a gift for Christmas for sure.