New *Paper*: I wrote about AI for Oxford!


Thinking himself to pieces, it would seem.

Happy October! The sun is shining, the leaves are falling, and the skeleton army is preparing to march through a neighborhood near you. In the meantime, assorted work/life strife has admittedly left me in a creative fallow period (though new stories are definitely underway). Yet here’s something different: an academic paper!

Not as exciting, I know, but get this: the other year, I drew upon my experience with both law school and worrying about killer robots to write with Dr. Seth Baum of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute on how to assign liability for the wrongs/crimes of robots and artificial intelligence.

It took a while, but the most prominent of these pieces is finally out in print — published by Oxford University Press, no less!


It’s only like 14 pages long, and there’s pieces by other fine scholars in the same book. So give it a look-see in print or eBook form here on Amazon!