**Love&Darkness: Vol. I ebook is E-HERE!**

If your eyes hurt, it's working!

If your eyes hurt, it’s working!

Yes, you read that right! Hot on the heels of its print release (and by “hot,” I mean with a two-month delay exacerbated by formatting issues and college life), Love&Darkness: Vol. I is now available for a rock-bottom price exclusively on the Amazon Kindle store! So hop off Wikipedia, grab your infinite thumb drive, and pick up a copy for just $2.99 USD–or if you’re a Prime member, give that free borrow a spin. It’s also available for comparable prices in the UK, Canada, France, Japan, India, and elsewhere across the globe!

(NOTE: A few issues are still being worked out. The text should be formatted fine–though font size 2 is recommended for the proper lineation of poems to appear–but the cover is really washed-out for some reason. Owners of black-and-white e-readers will not notice the difference once the book is on their device, however)


Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report that in just a little bit as of this writing, Distortions: A Collection of Short Stories will be back up on its respective Kindle store page with its own fair price reduction alongside L&D:v1. (We’re not in Finiti here, after all)

…Oh, and should go without saying that you should totally tell your friends and relatives about both of these astonishing developments (particularly the first one), then have them pass the information along in turn! Here’s another ad in case you don’t want to check out the last link:

LaD Flier


Emo as I wanna be today.

Emo as I wanna be today.

Well, happy Valentine’s Day, all! Although I’ve got all kinds of rough drafts for Love&Darkness: Vol. II stewing on my computer right now, I’m afraid writing a third brand-new story last week to release it in time for the holiday was just not in the cards. However, thanks to my latest ENGL 483 prompt–and I say “mine” because I was the one who came up with it for the whole class–there is a new poem! Inspired by my love/hate relationship with T.S. Eliot (“the Kanye West of poets,” as I’m on record calling him), I decreed that we focus on a “referential poem,” one composed of literary/(pop) cultural references, or at least tasteful name-dropping. I decided to write one based on an old hobby of mine: chickening out talking to women and venting my frustration by listening to pop punk.

Shuffle Mode

(How many band names can you pick out?)


And speaking of emotional music… almost as long in making as the book itself, I present to you the Official Love&Darkness Playlist! It’s composed of songs that inspired me while writing the collection, songs that remind me of particular stories, and songs that I feel just embody the ideas of “love” and “darkness” as I set out to write about them. Since I don’t know how to embed a streaming playlist from Rdio or something (whatever happened to that option on iTunes, anyway?), I’ve just put YouTube links to the most convenient rip of each one (stupid ads aside). Listen on your own time, or while reading for added effect!

The Official Love&Darkness Playlist (Vol. I)

1) “Distraction” – Angels & Airwaves

2) “Living Dead Girl” – Rob Zombie (“All of My Ex-Girlfriends Are Monsters”)

3) “One Day Women Will All Become Monsters” – Chiodos (…Or this; take your pick)

4) “Gave Up” – Nine Inch Nails (“It’s No Use…”)

5) “A Daydream Away” – All Time Low (“But Crazier Things Have Happened”)

6) “Right Where it Belongs” – Nine Inch Nails (“Fear Itself,” “The Agents of Fear”)

7) “Ghost on the Dance Floor” – Blink-182

8) “Of Wolf and Man” – Metallica (“Were”)

9) “Veronica Sawyer Smokes” – AFI

10) “Harder Than You Know” – Escape the Fate (“How Does it Feel?”)

11) “The Curse of Curves” – Cute is What We Aim For (“Hi!”)

12) “Fix You” – Coldplay (“‘One Thousand Ways”)

13) “Hysteria” – Muse (“In Finiti”)

14) “Love Like Winter” – AFI

15) “About a Girl” – The Academy Is…

16) “Semiotic Love” – Blaqk Audio (“Keep Reading”)

17) “The World You Love” – Jimmy Eat World

18) “The Scientist” – Coldplay

19) “Chasing Cars” – Snow Patrol

20) “Fake Plastic Trees” – Radiohead

21) “Summertime” – My Chemical Romance

22) “Run” – Snow Patrol

23) “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” – Death Cab for Cutie


The Towers

Oh hey, my iPod took a decent picture for once!

After breaking back into a pattern of regular updates this January, I must confess it’s been a time since my last e-contribution. Two weeks, in internet-years… that’s what, a decade? But no matter! New material is here, and well as new news. A brief diversion before the “main course”:

–The latest issue of the University of Washington‘s premiere speculative fiction journal AU is revving up for their seventh volume, “Chronos,” where time (travel) stories are the name of the game! Fittingly/fortunately enough, the deadline traveled into the future a full seven days last week, allowing me much-needed time to put the finishing touches on my submission, “Until,” last night. It’s a (hopefully) thought-provoking piece adapted from a lighthearted word-doodle I produced for “Write Away!” a year ago, and it also has this opening line:

“One day, I woke up, and it was the future. Not just for me, though. For everybody.”

The rest is a little rough in spots, though, so I’m going to hold off on posting any further samples until I hear whether it’s been accepted or not–and if so, what the editing team has to offer!


So yes, back to business: I’ve shared work from my poetry class, but not prose! That’d be ENGL 384 on “literary portraiture,” in which we read the works of authors with a distinct style and then try to imitate their style in a piece of our own. The below story was initially my shot at imitating the tone and texture of Mary Gaitskill’s “The Other Place,” though I kicked it up a notch with illustrations (as inspired by the experimental elements of Carole Maso’s The Art Lover and W.G. Sebald’s The Emigrants) for a more recent “longer short fiction piece,” along with overall revision. Enjoy!