Top Stories!


A shelf full of inspiration.

Here’s a list of my personal favorites out of my own stories currently available on my blog or elsewhere online.  Whether you enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or realistic(-ish) drama, I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy!

Santaology: We all know that Santa Claus exists. But who studies the science surrounding him? This article takes a close look at the varied field of Santaology.

Day Job – A struggling young author must juggle both a Tinder date and his titular profession, which is more unusual than he lets on.

Feeding Day – A Lovecraftian political allegory. Are you for the East or West?

Pruritus – A “found footage” story told through legal evidence of a YouTube science video gone horribly wrong. [originally published in Sanitarium Issue 44]

The BeeBQ – A true story about the time my house was invaded by sinister black bees during Thanksgiving.

The Agents of Fear – I’m not afraid of anything. But you should be.

A Routine Tune-Up (A Nightmare Force Case File). Six grad students, one mission: hunt and kill the interdimensional monsters that infest our technology. Ghosts. Guns. Graphics cards. It’s time to delete some evil.

Haunted House Call (A Nightmare Force Case File). On Halloween night, the Force sets out to protect a meek classmate from La Muerta Blanca, a DEMON that takes the form of a young girl in white.

The First American September of Tyler Walsh – An internet star raised on a private island off the coast of California finds land — and love — in this quirky would-be prelude to a longer series.

Above – A traumatized student with a fascination for free-climbing buildings makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Totally Epic – In a world where zombies and vampires are real, two teens conspire to turn pop culture’s most overplayed monsters against each-other.