From the Sub-Subfolders: Amusement

So in the spirit of me digging up old Write Away! pieces that I was keeping to myself for one reason or another, I’m going to establish a new feature I call “From the Sub-Subfolders,” wherein I reach into the depths of my hard drive (tonight, thumb drive–I’m on campus biding time until the AU folks start playing Dark City: The Director’s Cut across the quad) and emerge into the light with a poem, experimental fiction piece, or misguided foray into visual art that I don’t yet feel attached to enough to hoard for a priced collection. To start things off, we have the following uber-short metafictional play, created for the drama unit in my Intro to Creative Writing class at Centralia College a year or two ago, and lightly edited five minutes ago.

I’ve been bouncing around the possibility of adapting it into a full-length story (or play(!))… but I guess I’ll have to see where my muse takes me with that!

”Amusement” (A Short Play)

Also, this university computer’s spellcheck must be set on “Hillbilly”: