Spreading the Word

So I’m about a week and-a-half into my residence in the… interesting city of Seattle. It’s liberating (well, liberal, at least), but I’m rapidly missing a lot of things I used to take for granted back at the old homestead. Still, there’s one undeniable bright side: With this shift from small-town living comes a much broader set of opportunities to get the word out about my writing!

To that end, I’ve come up with a promotional “card” of sorts for Love&Darkness,  which you can view below… (lo-fi version–sorry, but the original wouldn’t upload)


What’ll I do with it? Well, to be honest, I’m still working on that. Aesthetically, I couldn’t really fit my website and Twitter page (yes, I have one now! @TrevorNWhite) on the front, so the first set of four I made as a test run have them written on the back in pen–so that kind of suggests a lean towards passing them out. Then again, every light post and utility pole on my block is plastered in utterly obtuse stickers, so I suppose vague marketing is fine as well. Besides, I don’t want to end up like the half-a-dozen people I try to avoid making eye contact with on the street, selling trial offers of this or begging for that. In any case, there’s a variety of writing-related clubs, literary journals, and art houses with scheduled readings in the neighborhood, so I’ll be employing those as best I can.


  1. Neat image. Almost seems like it could be a cover.

  2. Thanks! I do have a cover outline prepared, but it’s cobbled together from Google Images–I’m going to have Mr. Duquette work his magic with that in the near future before I let it be seen.

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