“The Cookbook’s Anarchist” (+Strange Street Men Are Interested in L&D)

Hot on the heels of the last fruit of my labor from English 483 with Linda Bierds (“Girls and Women,” which has already been called “great,” “wonderful,” “controversial,” and “misogynistic”) comes this little political nugget. The prompt (these are decided on by alternating groups of students, for the record): produce an “emblematic poem,” in which an observation on the physical nature of a subject segues into deeper rumination. Loosely based on an actual anarchist publication I saw hanging around at the UW, my only hope is that I don’t expose how little I honestly know about world government while attempting to do the same to others.

The Cookbook’s Anarchist


Also, my brother Kyle tells me that, the other evening, a scruffy, possibly unstable man wandered into our apartment lobby and–after some consideration–enthusiastically picked up one of my fliers for Love&Darkness before exiting as questionably legally as came.

Could this be just the teen fiction anthology that Seattle’s underground homeless network needs?

LaD Flier

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