One More Place to Purchase…

As we speak (it’s just a phrase–go with it), Distortions is now under review as an eBook for purchase on’s Kindle store! That means you can read it on a variety of mobile devices–which I suppose has been the case with Barnes & Noble, but it seems like Amazon’s more popular, so I’m going with that as well now.


EDIT:  It’s here! Now I’ll need to add a specialized table of contents and whatnot fairly soon, but at least it’s out there in readable form.

Also, some mildly important news: The second shipment of Distortions has all but sold out! I’m set to work on getting Edition #3 done, with some minimal typo fixes and contact info updates, but nothing you’ll need to buy a second copy for (of course, if you want, I won’t complain…). The whole process could take about a month, so hang in there!

Things Are Looking Up… And By Up, I Mean The eBook!

That’s right! I’ve been working on getting Distortions available as a Barnes & Noble NookBook, and the day of e-publishing is finally upon us. Check it out. Copies are four bucks a pop, and though I can’t guarantee it’ll look as good as good as the print version, it’ll certainly get into your possession quicker. So buy it if you want, or buy it again if you already have it, but feel free to post a review either way!