My Top Stuff of 2022

Happy New Year, all! It’s time for my annual media lists, now in video form! Sticking with films and games this year – simple rundowns below, but check out my channel for more in-depth analyses, and be sure to like and subscribe if you want to see more!

10) Tinykin

9) Shadow Warrior 3

8) Tunic

7) Scorn

6) A Plague Tale: Requiem

5) Stray

4) Kirby and the Forgotten Land

3) Horizon: Forbidden West

2) God of War: Ragnarök

1) Elden Ring

10) Carter

9) V/H/S/99

8) Barbarian

7) Incantation

6) Avatar: The Way of Water

5) Top Gun: Maverick

4) The Northman

3) The Batman

2) Nope

1) Everything Everywhere All at Once

“Day of a New Dawn”

...But can you really have them all at once?

…But can you really have them all at once?

More from English 484, coming right up! In keeping with the course’s focus on the revision and reimagining of a piece, this story is a quasisequel to Bread and Buttons from two weeks ago. This time, the prompt offered several routes, from adding new scenes to approaching the same theme from a radically-revised angle. I chose the option which essentially worked out as a composite of both those examples: changing the POV (point of view) character. This time, it’s from the perspective of Dawn “Won” Brooke: Dan’s older sister, bittersweet inspirational figure, and Arch-Manager of RobotNews!

Despite being a companion to Dan’s narrative (taking place the same day as he’s moving out with his wife), it can (hopefully) be read on its own without confusion; I tried to keep the same style and themes, but explore them from the perspective of a slightly older woman. Needless to say, Dawn is not quite the carefree model of success Dan regards her as–but as her younger brother moves on, maybe she too will experience the…

Day of a New Dawn