“Dour Number One”

...so don't swat it in the process of looking for more!

…so don’t swat it in the process of looking for more!

Poem number six, coming right up! This one’s prompt was for a “sonic poem” that values rhythm and rhyme over coherence, and the possibility of a rap-like piece was suggested if not recommended. As such, the exercise became something of a welcome excuse for me to practice my hip-hop chops, though a performance of this “on tha mike” is pending, because I’ll admit the beat isn’t perfect all the way through. Still, I kind of had fun with it, and I hope the sentiment I injected still makes sense in-between all the alliteration and assonance!

Dour Number One


  1. Second stanza is almost chilling. So yeah, I’d say it makes a good amount of sense still.

    • Sweet, good to know! I hadn’t tried sounding like one of those slam poets for a long time, so I wasn’t sure there…

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