“Let Go” (It’s a Poem. About Legos.)

Image from tracizeller.com

So yes! After rustling some jimmies with my takes on gendered maturity and antidisestablishmentarianism, I decided to go back to basics with a poem about how… I really like Legos:

Let Go


The prompt was for a “bare poem” this time, with no more than ten lines and under ten words per line, and no adverbs. I went for broke on sound, then, while still maintaining what I hope is an apparent rumination on why contructing these things is so psychologically pleasing.

On a related note, I’ve been getting back into the habit with these fancy Lego Architecture┬ásets! I knocked out Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater” a few weeks ago, and completed a small model of the hitherto unfamiliar-to-me Villa Savoye just this evening.