Love&Darkness Cover

#LoveAndDarkness / @TrevorNWhite


Love is certainty. Love is the absolute, the clear.

Love is knowledge, the feeling above all others that nothing can go awry that the gentle touch of another cannot make well. It is light and determination, a song belted out upon a rooftop that says “hold out your hand, and I will save you.”

Love is from the heart, and from the brain, and from the chains of complex chemicals coursing through the veins and nerves that we give a name to explain why we’ll stand on a street-corner for three hours just to say “You’re the one” when the one is nothing yet. It is caring, sharing, trusting, all those other acts we tire of hearing about but know we’d never live without.

Love is doing whatever it takes, and taking whatever it gives.

Love is candle-lit, home-made, hand-drawn, well-worn, and well-wished at every chance.

Love is sweat and tears, it’s now and forever, it’s a flower on a grave that dies in time but gets replaced.

Love is everything that is, and it is beautiful, brilliant red.

But only if you let it be.

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