Couldn't think of a picture, so here's my "quotepic" of "The Beat Goes On" by Beady Eye!

Couldn’t think of a picture, so here’s my “quotepic” of “The Beat Goes On” by Beady Eye!

Good grief, how long’s it been? One, two, three, four, five… six months? I couldn’t blame you if you jumped ship on this blog after that long–in this fast-paced age, I probably would’ve moved on to greener pastures of soft-focus nature photography and motivational fitness posts myself. Shoot, Tumblr really did get the better of me!

Well, that and law school — because yes, I am still clinging on for dear professional life at Cornell Law! Since last September, I’ve celebrated my first birthday without a proper family party, cleared the first semester with a 4.9 GPA, loved, lost, hovered somewhere uncomfortably in-between, and got on the fast track to study international law at the Sorbonne in Paris this summer. Regrettably, my writing’s slowed to a crawl since then, but (often, I fear, to my detriment) I never stop thinking and consequently taking notes on ideas for plots, quotes, general philosophical musings, and the occasional rap lyric. Also, Tumblr’s fun, but I owe it to myself to have a dedicated site for my writing work, how few and far apart it may appear — if only so y’all who bought my book don’t feel shortchanged for abiding by my advice to “stay updated” at Notes & Sketches!

– – –

So on that note, I’d like to present a candid–albeit regrettably slightly truncated–video of me performing my slam/rap poem “Dour Number One” (link to the old PDF post) at Cornell Law’s 2014 “Cabaret,” a miniature festival of art, auctions, and alcohol put on annually by the school’s Public Interest Law Union. I’d performed it before, but never with a crowd this big — even knowing it by heart with some new tweaks, I got pretty shaky up there, so I apologize for losing the mic a few times!

Dour Number One – LIVE


  1. Oh wow, a new post. That’s something else.

    Slam poem was pretty solid, didn’t seem shaky to me at all… although I am almost entirely unfamiliar with the genre/phenomenon.

    Definitely write some more, though! It’s been forever.

    Oh, and thanks for checking out my new album, much appreciated.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, like I said, this site kinda fell by the wayside for a while… I got some more writing I’m thinking of putting up in the next week, though! I probably should just man up and figure this out, but part of what stops me sometimes is I don’t know if some publishers have a beef with too much of your material already being online for free… granted, I’m cutting out the middleman by putting it up here, but self-publicity ain’t easy. But hey, stay tuned!

    And no problem with the album! I can barely even figure out how to *open* a music program, so full chiptune LPs are practically wizardry to me.

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