Nota Bene: Nota ble!

Also, from Phi Theta Kappa’s HQ in Jackson, MS to Centralia College, and then to my sociology professor grandfather to me, has finally arrived the copy of Nota Bene 2012 in which my story “[Citation Not Needed]” was published! For those unaware or who forgot the last post, Nota Bene is the annual anthology of critical and creative writing from esteemed members of Phi Theta Kappa, the international two-year college honor society of which I am an alumnus; I was one of thirteen people chosen out of 809 entrants, and so on the off-chance that anybody from the organization is reading this blog, I’d just like to formally say thank you very much for accepting my story!

For the statistically considerable percentage of you without access to Nota Bene 2012, you’ll be pleased to know that “[Citation Not Needed]” is also included in Love&Darkness: Vol. I, with all deliberate misspellings intact (it’s always disconcerting to see one’s creative touches brushed over without consent, but I can see how the PTK editing team would err on the side of caution when judging an unproven talent).

Here’s a few pics from my sad, strange little iPod camera:


The cover.


Page 39…


Oh neat, they added an illustration! (A segment of the Encyclopedia Britannica; greatly fitting touch)


The most entertaining part, though? Among those thirteen entrants (check the above link for specifics), a select few got $1,000 as well. Alas, I wasn’t among them, but it wasn’t quite a surprise when I saw the name of the award:

The Citation Scholarship.”

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