From the Sub-Subfolders: She’s Out There Somewhere – A Prologue

This morning on “From the Sub-Subfolders,” I have still another remnant of Centralia College’s Intro to Creative Writing, this time in the form of a loose conceptual prologue to a book I may or may not end up writing. The character is a composite from a workshop group I was in, after which I was the only person to actually go ahead with what we came up with for a full(er) piece, as I believe I was the one who proposed most of her design.

The theoretical novel in question, to be quick about it, is something of a fully-fleshed, albeit personalized mashup of what I perceived to the “plot” of two of my favorite punk rock concept albums around high school: Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown and My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. As I said, follow-through on this distorted, borderline fan-fiction is pending right now, but as I’m sure I’ve also said, I believe the existence of Fifty Shades of Gray has indirectly given me carte blanche to write whatever I damn well please as long as it piques enough people’s interests.

So yeah, enjoy! As usual, a minimum of “polishing” was applied to the text before PDF conversion.

She’s Out There Somewhere – A Prologue

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