It’s National Poetry Day (+Exuberance is Beauty)

Well, shoot, I didn’t even know! That is, until Neil Gaiman tweeted about it… did you? Well, in any case, it’s a bit late for the “day” part, but seeing as starting into another poetry course at the UW has got the poems, poem concepts, and poetic snippets flowing like never before, this event couldn’t have sprung upon me at a better time. Thus, please find attached the most recent fruit of my labor, the title of which–per a class prompt–is lifted from the bizarrely beautiful “Proverbs of Hell” by William Blake.

Exuberance is Beauty


  1. I liked this one. Especially what you did with the first stanza and its line breaks.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I fixed a thing or two up from the lineation/capitalization in the first draft, but my professor said he actually thought the words themselves were perfect.


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