Nota Bene

Well, after over a year with no word either way, I thought for sure that I’d simply not made the grade, but it turns out it was merely a late decision: according to the email I just got, my story “[Citation Not Needed]” has been selected for publication in Phi Theta Kappa’s 2012 edition of Nota Bene! PTK is the international community college honor society (I was still going to Centralia College when I submitted), Nota Bene is their annual compilation of creative/critical writing, and… this actually looks pretty legit, as opposed to one of those glorified “Who’s Who” poetry books I got semi-conned into in high school; if their stats are to be believed, the 2011 edition featured only sixteen people out of 950 applicants. So while I didn’t get one of the attaboy scholarships accompanying four or five apparently more esteemed entries, this is still pretty neat!

The book should be out by Winter, and it looks like they’ll distribute it to community colleges around the globe. Don’t worry, though! Barring the highly unlikely event of a publication conflict, “[Citation Not Needed]” will also be featured in Love&Darkness Vol. I, set to be released around the same time.


  1. Whoo! That’s pretty great. Nice job!

  2. Sometimes success is slow, but so great that you are getting published again. Congratulations and keep sending those stories in.

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