AU Volume V is Under Construction!

Well, it’s been nearly two months to the day since the last post ’round these parts, but I’m a firm believer in quality over quantity. Fortunately, a significant quantity of quality is just around the corner: The University of Washington’s incomparable, inscrutable, and all-around indie sci-fi/fantasy literary journal AU is revving up for its newest quarterly issue, with the theme of… wait for it… Invention! The piece I submitted (and fortunately got accepted–thanks again, guys!) is called “‘One Thousand Ways’, or ‘Reinvented'”; it’s an epic sonnet about love, death, and steampunk, and all the preview readings have so far been fairly positive.

But the release is the real deal: Whereas the previous launch party (which you can most likely read about by scrolling about four inches down the screen) took place in a campus classroom, this time–6:30pm, March 1–the University Book on The Ave will play host to the whole AU crew as they distribute hot (or at least lukewarm)-off-the-press copies of Volume V. Myself and other honored authors will be reading samples of our submissions, and copies will be on sale for three bucks a pop.

So as much as I may be talking to a single-digit crowd here, I implore anybody who’s in the area to come take a look! Discounts may or may not be offered for anybody who shows up in a hot air balloon.


  1. Nice goin’! I’m quite literally on the opposite end of the country, but I’m rooting for you all the same. Always nice to be recognized.

  2. Thanks! But hey, I have a hard time just getting to my own writing group meetings — that’s what you get with a combination of high standards, tight scheduling, and epic procrastination…

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