Update about Amazon, among other things.

First of all, minor hiccups caused by here-and-there edits notwithstanding, the page for Distortions on Amazon.com should be live! Having said that, unlike B&N’s site (which, for reasons not readily apparent, has been adding relatively inaccurate “people who bought this also bought…” recommendations, despite a current sales tally of zero copies), there’s no directly integrated author info page. However, that’s actually good, because what it turns out Amazon has is “Author Central”, a sub-site of social networking features and media designed to help authors share themselves and their work with more people, fellow writers and average readers alike! Some of the stuff on there might be a little redundant, seeing as I’ve already got a blog and I’m not planning on tweeting at least until the real push for Love & Darkness comes around, but it’s my belief that until someone starts listening, you can’t say you’ve said something too much on the internet. But I digress: Here’s a link to the page in question, which may or may not fluctuate to a certain degree in the coming weeks.

Additionally, I’d like to take this moment to express my sincere sadness at the official closure of the Borders chain. I’m not crying myself to sleep or anything, because I know it’s not going to turn into Farenheit 451 overnight from here, but it is distressing to see what eBooks have done to the prospects of brick ‘n’ mortar stores. Were there other factors? Of course–the economy’s all over the place, for one (and in my personal opinion, there’s just not that many good new books out anyway). In any case, I can’t harp on the whole thing too much–after all, I’m selling my book(s) digitally at this very moment. But I don’t think I need to tell you that there’s no replacement for the real deal, and it bodes ill for the industry as a whole to see a corporation of this magnitude go under. Also, I’ve been something of a iPod junkie as of late, so the “& Music” part of their business is an equally troubling loss. However, there’s this Barnes & Noble in Seattle with a second floor full of albums… so there’s always that, for now.


  1. I weep for the day when no one will actually read hard copies of books anymore.

    • They’ve been around for about 500 years, so I’ll be darned if they go away in the next twenty.

      Then again, darning itself is rather obsolete… Oh no!

      Also, I just discovered my blog has an automatic mobile version… And I think it actually looks better than the standard!

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