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I was supposed to write a “flash fiction” story for Creative Writing class–a story under a hundred words. So I came up with this:

D’s ?” I said when I saw my midterm. “Man, I’d sell my soul for better grades!”

I patiently waited. “Hey, what gives?” I drove to the nearest Hellgate and summoned Satan.

“What?” He sighed.
“Where were you earlier? I’ve got a perfectly good soul to sell!”
“Follow me.” I went with him into his office, where he pointed at the computer. “You see, it’s just not economical anymore. I can rent souls much cheaper, and then there’s open-source damnation. Just yesterday, I torrented ten gigabytes of lossless afterlives!”
“Oh, okay…”
“Farewell, mortal.”
I headed back to study.

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