Her hair cascades in waves that shine like fine obsidian

Her eyes, the green and cooling sheen of winter wearing thin

Her figure, well-defined; her mind, it seems does little much

I can control, for on her soul, a sign reads, “Look, Don’t Touch”


Her skin so pale, as if it hails from polished alabaster

Her voice, resolved, it leaves absolved the pains I cannot master

Her spirit, dark, perhaps a lark, or maybe just a crutch

For inner woes—Why? No-one knows. The sign reads, “Look, Don’t Touch”


Her artistry, soon history, still leaves my passions racing

In photographs, she rarely laughs, yet by them, I go pacing

 The warning’s there, it’s hardly fair, and I have thought, as such

That rules be damned, I’ll take her hand, and Look inside her Touch.

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  1. Great poem Trevor…

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